What is Sanford “Lake”?

Sanford “Lake” is a flooding grounds formed by the damming of the Tittabawassee River system, in Midland County.This river damming creates a flood plain, which fills with water, and is what we know as Sanford Lake. This dam and controlled by the Boyce Hydro Limited Liability Company (owner, Lee Mueller).

The flooding grounds were under the ownership of the a Boyce Hydro Trust,  until its was sold to the Midland County Treasure in 2010.

In 2015, the Midland County Treasure sold ($59,466.26) the flooding grounds to the SANFORD LAKE PRESERVATION ASSOC INC (President David Kepler), with a small 58.53 acre section, closest to the dam (adjacent to state park beach) under ownership of SANFORD HYDRO PORPERTY LLC .

Historical tax bill for the 58.53 acres owned by SANFORD HYDRO PORPERTY LLC is $19,621.14, with a taxable value SEV in 2017 of $387,400. ($335.23 per acre)

Historic tax bill for the 1,167.721 acres owned by the SANFORD LAKE PRESERVATION ASSOC INC is $3,787.85, with an taxable value SEV at an estimated $78,000. ($3.25 per acre)


Per purchase agreement contingencies, SANFORD HYDRO PORPERTY LLC must lease flow age rights from SANFORD LAKE PRESERVATION ASSOC INC for dam operations.


SANFORD LAKE PRESERVATION ASSOC INC also owns parts of Wixom Lake, with similar taxable value assessments and taxes paid.

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